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Birthstone Crystal October

€ 11,90 (inclusief btw 21%)
Op voorraad - Levertijd 1 - 5 Werkdagen. Zie info...
Productcode SOS8968
Fabrikant - Merk Solvar
Buiten Kern 925 Sterling Silver
Binnen Kern Swarovski Crystal
Kleur Rose Quartz
Gewicht ± 1,2 g.
Verpakking Pouch

Geboortesteentje Oktober voor Claddagh Medaillion.

Described as "made up of the glories of the most precious gems. the gentler fire of the ruby, the rich purple of the amethyst, the sea-green of the emerald, glittering together." The birthstone of October is the opal, a stone that has been linked to purity, hope and innocence. This gem has also been linked to healing forces, friendship and emotion, so it has experienced its fair share of folklore over the years.


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